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Meet the Artist

It started with a tiny Dream and whispers from the people around me telling me “I CAN.” How often do we tell ourselves “WE CAN’T”? We say to ourselves, “Girl, that is Crazy, that dream is for some other girl better than you.” Thankfully, I am surrounded by people smarter than myself. They told me to “GO FOR IT” … so I did. Psalm 18: 32-33 says It is God who arms me with Strength and keeps my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.  Armed with a whole lot of Jesus and the Love of My Tribe I had the Strength to chase this crazy dream. I say CRAZY because when I started creating Strands I knew NOTHING about it. I knew how to put things together, mix patterns and tie a knot. I bought supplies (Often the wrong supplies) and taught myself how to make a necklace. I would pray and ask for God to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me the tools I needed if His desire was for me to do this. I guess I was on the right path because it became easy. I absolutely LOVED creating Strands and Stacks and wanted to create them all the time. I’m a Mom so time was always an issue. I would put Marshall to bed, turn on a good show, pour a glass of wine and start creating. Sometimes time would fly and before I knew it, it was 3:00 am. YIKES ….I was sleepy but never tired, because I was doing what I loved. Pretty Soon, I moved my little Jewelry Making Station to my store and it began to grow. I would put pieces out to sell and not tell anyone I made it. I wanted to hear honesty about my creations, and truthfully, I was a bit nervous.  Thankfully, no one never said it was UGLY (SHEW)!!! One day, my sweet friend Amy came into my store and scolded me a bit for not claiming my Strands.  She told me to be BOLD and STRONG and not to FEAR! I needed to hear that so bad. The next day, I created a sign that said, “MY TRIBE, created by Nicole.” Thanks to Amy, I stood a little higher that day.  

I have so many stories of encouragement from my family and friends. My husband always gives me Strength and Confidence, My Mom gives me Wisdom, Victoria gives me Encouragement, Lindsey gives me Clarity, Beth gives me Guidance, Amy Gives me Courage, and my sweet child gives me the Motivation I need to keep going and always be a better person today than yesterday.

You now see why I had to name this Dream after the people that encouraged me to be the very best version of myself.  I love My Tribe and am so very thankful for them. I hope you enjoy this line fueled by love. Share with your Tribe and spread the love. Nicole XOXO

Happy Customers

"I had the pleasure of purchasing in the store at Market 32 and online! The owner, Nicole, oozes southern Charm and makes everyone feel welcome. Her My Tribe jewelry is incredible and the quality and color can't be found anywhere else! Thank you for always having what I am looking for!

Tammy Norman